We connected
the world's main vending machines to internet to simplify the use for the distributors, the companies and the thirsty.


We replaced
the physical interface by a simple mobile webpage.

This means no App install or specific connections, wifi or mobile internet on any device will do just fine.


We let you monitor
the status of all your clients and vending machines in realtime.

We offer
the possibility of personalised rates, promotions for individuals or companies and prepaid credits. The focus lies on vending machines at workspaces.


We are planning
to expand the Candrop concept. What if you could connect all automatic devices to an online interface? Sounds good? We're on it.


Client Interface

With your personal profile you can upload credit, manage your account and keep an eye on your use. But most importantly you can order a can with one simple click or touch on the screen of your mobile device or computer.

Distributor Interface

Instead of an angry phone call, when the vending machine is sold out, you'll get a friendly alert via the Candrop interface with the exact amount needed of every can. This will enable you to effitiently fill up the machines on time.


Company Interface

Survey and manage the use of every vending machine your company provides for its personnel. Give extra credit to certain profiles, create non-paying accounts for visitors or even block the account of the guy that always comes late.



Candrop is an adjustable online interface made to measure the needs and structure of your company. You can alter prices, profiles and products to steer the use of the vending machines exactly how you want to.


We are very well aware what day and age we live in so off course you can link personal candrop accounts to various social media.
Adding a social aspect to a practical tool helps implementing the system in your company and making clients familiar with the interface in a lay-back manner.
Besides that it opens up some numerous marketing possibilities, you can reward employees with credit on their account if they tweet about their usage of the candrop interface.
You can even make it into a competition and increase your online reach by doing so.


Whether you have one user or a thousand, it doesn't matter. Candrop works with an adjustable online interface. This way it's always a perfect match with the size and needs of your company or clients.



We offer a demo if you wish to test Candrop in your workspace. This way you can see for yourself how effortless and straightforward the use and monitoring of your vending machines can be.


The amount of data you can add to your database whit every new account made is enormous.
You can subtract information on usage and users to put to use else ware.
It's a huge source of information that will be an added value for your direct marketing strategy and campaigns.


Candrop allows you to keep track of all orders placed by your clients or personnel. This way you are always up to date on the behaviour of the users. This information makes it possible for you to survey and manage the profiles and control the overall usage of your vending machines.


About Candrop

Candrop is a project initiated & developed by Bagaar with the support of Masterdrinks. The concept went from an idea to a working prototype and is being brought to the level of a fully operational and perfectly implemented new product.


Bagaar is an interactive design bureau that invents and creates advanced digital production for web, mobile, physical installations and other media. Bagaar strives to deliver high quality concepts and designs and Candrop is no exception to that rule.

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